What’s Bloom’s unique “identity”?

BLOOM - who are we? 

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what sets Bloom apart from other stores.... what’s our “identity”?

Well the best way I can answer that is to describe what kind of shopper I am personally, because that’s the kind of shopping experience I want to provide for all of Bloom’s customers.

💛The first thing to know is that I’m an absolute sucker for a bargain. I find it really hard to buy expensive things, especially on impulse. Sure, there are some things that I will make an exception for like a good pair of jeans or a leather jacket. But for the most part, I want to find a perfect balance of good price & affordability. I would prefer to pay less and have LOTS of clothes or accessories to choose from, rather than have one a few select pieces to choose from.

💛The second thing to know is that I’m a chameleon when it comes to style. I love heaps of different styles and vibes. My style largely depends on my mood and also on whatever inspires me on a given day. Anything from florally girly-girl to bad-ass biker chick.

💛Thirdly, I hate paying for shipping! Sometimes all you want is that one item but you just can’t justify spending $9.95 on shipping through Australia Post... well, I’ve eliminated shipping costs for every item on my website - no matter how much it costs. You will not pay shipping when you purchase.

💛 Fourth, I love researching new products to find cute, interesting or unique things that you can’t just buy in your local Kmart or target. I love to find better ways to deal with everyday problems and actions around the house like kitchen tools and storage solutions.

So I guess if I had to describe what I want for this business, I would say that I want a one-stop-shop for similar girly-girl bargain hunters to come and load up on awesome goods without needing to worry about shipping.

I’m sourcing goods from suppliers all over the planet and focusing on the stuff that has great views - both of the product itself & the manufacturer.

I really hope you find a lot of stuff you like & would love feedback on anything you like/don’t like etc so I can keep this business growing and adapting to my demographic’s needs & wants ❤️

Love always,

Christie Holbrook, Bloom Founder