About Us


Thanks so much for making it to my page. 

If you clicked on "About Us" then I guess I better tell you something about me, hey? 

My name is Christie. I'm a Melbourne girl (Australia) who is married with a little boy who is one of the cutest little cherubs you've ever seen with gorgeous curly ringlets, big blue eyes, chubby cheeks and kissy lips. 

I've always loved clothing and beauty products, but honestly didn't really become interested in homewares until my mid-twenties when we finally stopped house-sharing and got our own place. Now it's one of my favourite things ever! 

When I was about 12 years old, I got it in my head that one day I would start a clothing shop. I created my folder, cut out all the clothes I liked from magazines, put it all together even came up with a name! "C-Me" was my plan.... aka "see me" but "C" because my name starts with C.... yeah - not as cool as an adult! Hence going with "Bloom" instead! 


It's always been there as a goal for me - starting a business, ideally selling something I love and enjoy working with - I just never had the time to do it. But here we are, I'm 30 years old with a full-time job and kid and now I'm starting it. Bit crazy? Maybe. But hey - the inspiration struck and I decided to run with it. 

Who am I as a shopper? I am a total sucker for a bargain. Yes, I'm known to hit up op shops (hello Savers!) and really I cringe at spending more than $100 on clothing unless it's for something special. I would much prefer to find awesome high-quality secondhand stuff and have LOTS of clothing to choose from, rather than a few really expensive items. I know not everyone is the same, but hey - that's me. 

What's my style? I think a better question is "what's my mood?" I have my girly days when I'm all about the colours and florals. Then I have my sporty days when it's all about the activewear and the sneakers. And then I have my bad-ass days when it jeans and my awesome leather jacket. Oh yeaaaaah. So really I have no particular "style" as such - I just like cool clothes! 


My goal with this business is really to provide a website that shares awesome products that I think would suit a fellow practical girly-girl like me. I've only selected products per a certain criteria: 1. The sellers are highly-rated, 2. The products are highly-rated, and 3. They are something I would use/wear myself.

Pretty much all of my products at this stage are sourced from manufacturers overseas and shipped directly to my customers, so there is a bit of a wait time on the items arriving sometimes unfortunately. But by removing the middle man (me) from the shipping line, the costs are kept down and we can offer free shipping on everything - so I think it's still a win-win! 

Ok I think that's enough about me now. I really hope you find some awesome stuff on here that you like. I'm always here for feedback if there is something you think should be improved. And I definitely want to hear feedback from you on the products!